2022 Mid-year Points

Area V Points FAQ 
(revised January 2016)


When calculating year-end points, Area V follows the USEA Leaderboard Point System.  

Of note, Area V:

  • WILL count CT points at ½ USEA scale

  • WILL tally and add in Championship points manually 

  • WILL NOT count upgrade points, unless USEA counts upgrade points


Please check your USEA points periodically throughout the year to ensure they have been recorded accurately. 


If you have any questions about your points, please contact AreaVEventing@gmail.com. Please include your USEA number, your horse's USEA number, and your division with your inquiry.


Area V Championships shall be held for BN, N, T, P, I. Area V Championships will be held once a year at a regularly scheduled USEA Area V event between September 1 and November 30. Championships will be rotated among eligible Area V horse trials.


Championship Eligibility

1. First through Fifth at one event at the same level of the championships

2. Qualifying division must have five or more starters

3. Qualifying event must be USEA registered horse trial in any area

4. Open to USEA Members from other areas if qualify in Area V

5. Qualifying period is between the closing date of previous year’s championships and the closing date of the current year’s championships

6. Horse/rider pair must qualify together

7. Riders must be current USEA members at time of qualifying event and at time of championships

8. Horses must be registered with USEA at time of qualifying event

9. No horse may compete in more than one championship in a calendar year. This restriction does not include the AEC or any national championship. 


Championship Awards

Area V will supply Championship ribbons and awards for each division.