Guidelines for Competitions, Awards, and Points

 of USEA Area V
Revised January 2013

Area V is an element of the United States Eventing Association, Inc. (USEA), located in the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana.




Area V Championships shall be held for BN, N, T, P, I. Area V Championships will be held once a year at a regularly scheduled USEA Area V event between September 1 and November 30. Championships will be rotated among eligible Area V horse trials.


1.1    Eligibility

  • Must place first through fifth at the same level of the championships in a qualifying division of a USEA recognized horse trial

  • Qualifying ride must have five or more starters in the division

  • Qualifying period begins on the closing date of previous year’s championships and ends on the closing date of the current year’s championships

  • Horse/rider pair must qualify as a pair and both horse and rider must be current USEA members at time of qualifying event and at time of championships

  • No horse may compete in more than one championship in a calendar year
    (with the exception of AECs).

1.2    Awards

  • Ribbons and prizes will be awarded in each division


2.1    Calculation Period and Eligibility

  • Points calculation period will begin December 1 through and end November 30

  • Points will be awarded for competitions held in Area V to all competitors, regardless of area of residence

2.2    Point Calculation – Horse Trials/Combined Tests

  • Points will be awarded for all USEA recognized horse trials/combined tests in accordance with the USEA Leaderboard Point System found on the USEA website

  • Horse/rider pair must complete a minimum of 2 competitions at the level of the award to be eligible for an award in that division

  • Rider points will be divided into "Professional", "Amateur" and “Junior” based on USEF/USEA declaration (“Junior” must be eighteen [18] or younger on November 30 of the competition year) 

  • Horse points will be awarded based on final placing in the division regardless of age of rider or rider’s pro/am status

  • For divisions that combine levels, points will be awarded at the lower level (example: P/T points will be awarded to the Training division)

2.3    Point Calculation – FEH/YEH

  • Points will be awarded at all USEA recognized FEH/YEH competitions based on the horse’s final score Horses must complete a minimum of two (2) competitions at the level of the award to be eligible for an award in that division

  • Year-end points will be calculated by taking the mathematical average of the top two (2) scores for the horse at the level during the calculation period


2.3    Awards

  • Horse trials division awards will be given to the top six (6) placings

  • FEH/YEH division awards will be given to the top two (2) placings in each division