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Stephanie Reimers

Stephanie Reimers, Area V Chairperson

Lynda Lewis

Lynda Lewis, Area V ECP Coordinator, riding Calypso Jazz.

Alissa McKinney

Area V Adult Rider Coordinator, Alissa McKinney, riding Monty.

Jayne Lloyd

Jayne Lloyd, Area V Event Horse Program Coordinator, riding Amiga KD.

Harley Cozewith

Member-at-large, Harley Cozewith riding RF Lovestruck. Photo courtesy of Terri Hatcher.

Ellee New and Bluffing

Area V Secretary, Ellee New, riding Bluffing. Photo courtesy Troy Roane.


Debra Dealcuaz, Area V Treasurer, on Fernhill Flyer.

Siobhan Woody HH Corner

Siobhan O'Brien, Area V Board of Governors Rep, on Woody.


Morgan Vaughn, Organizer Rep. Photo courtesy of Terrie Hatcher

Gina Holstein

Gina Holstein, Fundraising Coordinator

Anna Sheets

Anna Sheets, Area V Secretary

Catherine Peinado

Catherine Peinado, Communications Coordinator

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