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Area V Championships shall be held for the levels Starter, BN, N, T, M, P and I (if there are at least 5 qualified horse/rider pairs at the level) once a year at a regularly scheduled USEA Area V event between September 1 and November 30. Championships will be rotated among Area V horse trials. 

1.1.    Eligibility

1.1.1.      USEA Requirements:           All Area Championship competitors must be current USEA Members.           All qualifying competitions must be USEA registered horse trials, three-day events or CIs.           Divisions must have five or more starters to count as qualifying competitions.           A horse may compete in more than one Area Championship in a calendar year.           Beginner Novice divisions will not count as qualifiers for the Novice division.           List the qualifying competitions on the entry form.

1.1.2.      Area V Requirements:           Must place 1st through 5th at the same level of the championships in a qualifying division of a USEA recognized horse trial within Area V.  Qualifying ride must have five or more starters in the division.           Open to members outside of Area V, but must qualify within Area V.           Qualifying period begins on the closing date of previous year’s championships and ends on the closing date of the current year’s championships.           Horse/rider pair must qualify as a pair and both horse and rider must be current USEA members at time of qualifying event and at time of championships.

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