Area V Young Rider Team Challenge, Spring 2018


Teams may include 3 or 4 riders (depending on the number of participants per show) randomly assigned riders of all levels. Like most team competitions, the lowest score will be dropped (only if we have teams consisting of 4 riders) and prizes will be given to the team with the best score. Below are the Area V spring events at which the young rider program will run the team challenges. 

The Young Rider Team Challenge will run at the following area events:

  • Meadow Creek Park SpringSocial, March 18-19, 2018

  • Texas Rose Spring Horse Trials,March 30-April 1, 2018

  • Pine Hill Spring Horse Trials, April 8, 2018

  • Holly Hill Spring Horse Trials, April 22-23, 2018

  • Texas Rose Summer Horse Trials, May 11-14, 2018
    (Area V Young Rider Team Challenge Championship)*

* In order to be on a team for the team challenge championship, a rider must have been on a team at either Meadow Creek, Texas Rose Spring HT, Pine Hill, or Holly Hill.

Please download the entry form and return it to
Tayler Owen via USPS.  

A few notes about entering:

  • If you have more than one horse, please submit one form per horse. 

  • You may sign up for all shows at once or individually throughout the season. 

  • Entry forms and fees must be received no later then the Tuesday before each show.

  • Entry fees collected from the team challenge will go toward the Area V Young Rider Program but a portion of the entry fees will be donated to Halt Cancer at X.