Texas Rose Horse Spring Trials, May 10–12, 2019

Entry is open and free to all Adult Riders who are current members in 2019, 
including professionals.


This year’s team challenge features prize packages that include our really cool new silicon wine tumblers branded with the Adult Riders logo! Team challenge and prizes are brought to you courtesy of the Area V Adult Rider program.


Download entry and it email


  • Team members must be current members of the USEA Adult Rider Program by 5/1/2019.

  • Competitors may enter individually or in pairs. 

    • Mixed-level pairs are especially encouraged. 

    • Only one professional per pair and team of 4.

    • Individual entrants will be placed on a team with three other riders.

  • Team challenge organizers will randomly select two additional team members to form a team of 4 riders. 


  • Each team will drop one score.

  • Riders who finish with a letter will receive 1,000 penalty points.

  • Up to 3 numerical scores will be averaged to determine the team score.


Prizes will be displayed in the office at Texas Rose.

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